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Underwater Search, Survey and Remote Sensing Specialists

Side scan sonar
Sub-bottom profiler
Remote operated vehicles
Ground penetrating radar

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Jim Whitaker on the deck of the Virgalona, magging the E-110 Site.

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Jim Whitaker, (blue shirt, back to camera) on a deep water, remote sensing job.

Some of Jim Whitaker's Recent Undertakings have included:

  • Participated with the Historical Society, at the US Navy's request, in locating a
    highly sensitive historical deep water target. Worked as a navigator on the 74 foot
    "Ursula Major" for a 1200 mile ocean voyage from Miami to Connecticut and return.

  • Actively participated in both shallow and deep water search and recovery projects including:
    1) NASA shuttle recovery
    2) South African Airline Flight 295 recovery
    3) Search for the gold steamship Central America , off the Carolina coast

  • Executed a magnetometer survey for an archaeological expedition on the Bahamas
    Banks for Seaview, Los Angeles, California.

  • Planned, set up and operated search equipment for a treasure ship at FSW 1500 in
    Dry Tortugas for a Tampa, Florida group

  • Helicopter location in Sea of Japan at FSW 3500

  • Sonar search for a copper laden shipwreck off Long Island, NY. at FSW 750

  • Classified Navy search off Kauai, Hawaii.

  • Participated in search and location of WW II treasure ship off the coast of Oman,
    FSW 600

  • Searched, located and recovered the wreckage and bodies from a Cessna 421
    airplane off the Florida coast.

  • Classified Navy search off the coasts of South Carolina, Florida and the Bahamas in
    FSW 4000

  • Magnetometer survey of Spanish wreck off the coast of Ecuador

  • Consultant for a group doing a magnetometer survey off of Cuba

  • Planned and operated magnetometer search and survey for a treasure ship off the
    Philippines coast, FSW 200.

  • Relocated and continued sonar search for Atlantis evidence or more Bimini stones.

  • Magnetometer survey of a near shore site of the 1715 Spanish Plate Fleet off the
    Florida east coast.

  • Consultant for search and excavation of 400 year old timber on bottom of Lake

  • Continued proofing, locating magnetometer targets of shipwrecks off Buefort,
    North Carolina. One target is identified as the "Queen Anne's Revenge", the lost
    flagship of the pirate Blackbeard.

    <FSW = feet standing water>

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